The Fresh Start Foundation


The Fresh Start Foundation is still in its infancy. Our aim is to provide assistance and resources to addicts and alcoholics who have just left treatment. It is our belief that by reducing some of the challenges that these people face it can mean the difference between life and death. If a man or woman has lost his or her license due to a DWI we want to get that person a bicycle. If a person has extensive dental problems we want to get that person a full dental restoration.If a person is disabled, or unable to find work we want to be able to work with NH Vocational Rehabilitation to help that person get work, if possible. If a person is homeless we want to be able to help find them safe housing. If a person has lost everything, and has little or no clothing we want to be able to take them shopping. we also would like to get the people who need it mental health therapy. We also wish to act as an intermediary between the City of Keene’s Human Services office as well the areas other assistance organizations. The applications can be hard for some to understand, and the list of verification documents requested can be intimidating. Our mission is to advocates for those rebuilding their lives from the rubble left by alcohol and drug addiction. We need this resource. As a recovering addict I can tell you starting over is the hardest thing anyone can do.

We need help though. Of course we will need to do some fundraising, but more importantly we need people who have knowledge of non-profits to help us build a solid infrastructure. If you are willing to help please contact me.


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