Waterfall at Asheulot River Park

Waterfall at Asheulot River Park

I climbed down to the base of the waterfall for this one.It was hot and the spray from the water felt good. You can see the drops of water on the lens. It still came out crystal clear though. Love it!


Just breathe!

Sit, breathe, exude; Don’t seethe, but Imageextrude from me this sense of impending doom. I’ve been dealing with some anxiety. Sometimes I thinks it’s proprietary like I’m the only one who feels it, or feels like it seals me in this glass box of two way mirrors. I can see you, but you’re blind to me. I kick at the sides. I punch. I scream, I plead “Just let me out into this world of beauty and talkative people who want to converse,” but whom i avoid because this anxiety wont let me be. I practice mindfulness, yet more and more my mind is full of this fear. Why do I fight it instead of letting it go to pass away? I feel sometimes like I’ve been cast away. An outcast with the strength to outlast, and endure with heroic effort. Exert the mind.Sit. Breathe. Exude. Vipassana, Anopana. Pranyama, Avalokiteshvara give me that never ending compassion so that I may withstand this mind lashing, and lashing at me with whips of fear so hot they sear my flesh. Sila. Somati. Panna. I’m on ya like a drug that I use as a tool…my meditation is my medication to see through to reality and find peace, and increase the wealth of wisdom to help others. My sisters. My brothers. Anxiety, terror, panic, uneasiness; fear comes in such variety. Calm my heart.Tame my brain, and cure me of this queasiness. liberation, my frineds, it’s no easy quest, but I feel blessed to be on the path no matter what fury like hell hath no. Just breathe!