Atonement and Sadness

The trees,
how they sway speaks to me personally of miracles.
Waves of green leafs in perfect motion evokes emotion,
and in the perfect moment I grasp atonement.

Still the lamenting relents, and I wonder if I’m implementing this Dharma Right;
is life a dance, a struggle, a fight? My mind is mildly wild,
but the sadness I feel at times is mightily mighty.

So why is it that I am filled with this sadness inside me? I have no reason,
gratitude is an insight I have not lost, but still I feel tossed in a turbulent sea of synaptic tsunamis,
and maelstroms sinking me to depths of crushing weight.

Expatriate me from this state.

Liberate me, myself.

Lend me a new slate…